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Healthier comfort for people and the environment Cradle to Cradle® certified heating and cooling ceilings from Lindner

“Products that leave no waste behind and therefore remain in a closed cycle.” This approach is usually at the forefront of the Cradle to Cradle® design concept. However, the fact that Cradle to Cradle® certified products can also provide a decisive advantage in terms of indoor health and the comfort and well-being of users is also an important aspect.

One of the five categories in the Cradle to Cradle® test catalog is material health, more precisely the origin, composition and effects of the materials used.
The raw materials and ingredients used in the products are first closely scrutinized in our own “Material Health” certification procedure and also rigorously tested for possible harmful substances that could have a negative impact on people during production, assembly and subsequent use.

The Lindner Group has a similar philosophy when it comes to the development, production and use of its product systems. This is why Lindner decided several years ago to test its products according to the Cradle to Cradle® design concept. Following several successful product tests for floor, wall and ceiling systems, the Plafotherm® heating and cooling ceiling system range has now also been certified and successfully classified as “Silver”.

The suspended ceiling systems consist of modules prefabricated in the factory, made up of powder-coated metal ceiling panels, acoustic inserts if required, substructure and integrated heating/cooling technology on the back of the ceiling panels.
Cold or warm water flows through them and therefore no refrigerant is required. The Plafotherm® metal ceiling tiles are manufactured by Lindner in Germany, more precisely at its headquarters in Arnstorf, Lower Bavaria. They are also powder-coated there – in a closed water circuit. For this reason, platinum status was also achieved in the “Water Stewardship” category, among others. In addition, the ceiling systems have a high recycled content and the
material components are extremely low-emission.

Apart from the good material properties, Plafotherm® heating and cooling ceilings provide a comfortable, healthier climate with good heat transfer, which can also be combined with pleasant supply air distribution as ventilation if required. The ceiling systems are not only energy-efficient and low-maintenance, but can also contribute to sound insulation. Thanks to a variety of different surface finishes and design options, the ceiling system can be adapted to individual interior designs and the wishes of architects, customers and users.

Green building verifications:

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