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Building certification


Logo DGNB Zertifizierung.

DGNB certification
(German seal of quality for sustainable building)

The German certification system DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council) was introduced by the German Sustainable Building Council to make the sustainability of buildings measurable.

Points are awarded in the following six environmental categories:

  • Ecological quality
  • Economic quality
  • Socio-cultural and functional quality
  • Technical quality
  • Process quality
  • Location quality

Different usage profiles enable the certification of new and existing buildings, as well as neighborhoods in Germany. The usage profiles include:

  • Office and administration building
  • Commercial buildings
  • Industrial buildings
  • Residential building
  • Small residential buildings
  • Hotel buildings
  • Educational buildings
  • Healthcare buildings
  • Laboratory building
  • Mixed use
  • Urban quarters

Office and commercial districts
There is also an international system for the construction of new office buildings. Depending on the degree of fulfillment, the building is awarded the seal of quality in silver (50%), gold (65%) or platinum (80%) (previously bronze, silver, gold).

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