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Building certification


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WELL Building Standard®

The WELL Building Standard® was published in 2014 by the International WELL Building Institute pbc (IWBI). Ten categories, known as concepts, are considered (WELL v2):

  • Concept 1: Air
  • Concept 2: Water
  • Concept 3: Nourishment
  • Concept 4: Light
  • Concept 5: Movement
  • Concept 6: Thermal Comfort
  • Concept 7: Sound
  • Concept 8: Materials
  • Concept 9: Mind
  • Concept 10: Community

Each concept includes a variety of criteria that take into account certain aspects of physical and mental health, comfort and the community of users. Minimum requirements must be met for an award, as well as a certain number of optimizations. A project can receive an award in

  • WELL Bronze: 40 points (only for Core & Shell)
  • WELL Silver: 50 points
  • WELL Gold: 60 points
  • WELL Platinum: 80 points

for each building type (New and Existing Buildings, Interiors, Core and Shell). The following versions are currently available:

  • WELL v1
  • WELL v2

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