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How lead product lists optimize your construction documentation

March 17, 2021 

In the construction process, a lot of time is often wasted on obtaining sustainability information for building products.
Ever new green building requirements make it even more difficult to keep building documentation up to date.
Only when this complex process is simplified can sustainable construction become the “new normal” and the construction quality of projects be improved.
With cross-project product documentation (master product list) for regularly used building products, construction planners and architects save a lot of time and increase planning and cost certainty in current and future projects.
All the necessary green building certificates for DGNB, LEED, BREEAM and WELL are therefore already available before the product is selected. A decision in favor of better products is therefore possible at an early stage.

Your lead product list in three steps:

Step 1: You provide us with a list of common products that you use in your projects. These can be product lists from past projects, for example.

Step 2: Building Material Scout contacts the product manufacturers and obtains the required information on the products. All green building certificates are drawn up together with the manufacturers. This includes basic information such as product descriptions, technical data and safety data sheets, which can also be entered digitally in Building Material Scout.

Are you a product manufacturer? Here you can find out more about product assessment and the provision of your products and information: Services for product manufacturers

Step 3: As a result, you as a building planner/architect receive a positive list/lead product list with the products you have named, including all green building certificates. This way you always have all product information to hand and can make a compliant product selection for your future projects at an early stage.

Lead product lists not only makes construction documentation much simpler and more efficient for construction planners and architects. They provide clients with clear documentation and help to ensure the desired construction quality. You offer product manufacturers an additional sales channel and an additional opportunity to network with construction planners and architects in the early planning phase.

The Building Material Scout helps you to pre-qualify your lead product lists.
Contact us now and we will be happy to answer your questions.

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