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The C2C principle: Cradle to Cradle - from the cradle to the cradle


March 29, 2022

A perfect circular economy through the use of biodegradable or recyclable goods – that is the goal of Cradle to Cradle. In order to do justice to this, products must fulfill certain material-economic requirements. Building Material Scout provides clear information on product properties, making it easier for planners, builders, construction companies and architects to check these requirements.

Cradle to Cradle is a production concept according to Michael Braungart and William McDonough. The concept is based on the biological cycles of nature and is based on the recycling of materials and products in terms of sustainability. Constructions and materials are selected in such a way that they can either be returned to the biological cycle after their useful life or fed back into the technical cycle as a high-quality starting product for new products.

This philosophy goes far beyond previous sustainability standards and assessments in the construction industry. While most concepts only achieve a reduction in resource consumption, Cradle to Cradle inspired buildings act as power plants and resource stores and do not lead to a shortage of resources in the long term.

Buildings as resource stores

Planning and building according to the C2C principle is not just about the immediate use, but also about the use of the raw materials after use. The buildings serve as a resource store: constructions and materials are chosen so that they offer added value in the long term. Both the biological and the technical cycle are included in the planning: either the raw materials used are returned to the biological cycle as nutrient-rich compost after their useful life, or the individual components serve as a high-quality starting product for new products.

Building Material Scout supports you in sustainable construction according to the C2C principle

The planning effort for Cradle to Cradle-inspired projects is higher than for other construction projects. However, such planning also means efficient and intelligent use of technical and biological resources. It means creating a place that blends into its environment rather than harming it and offers long-term added value – even beyond its useful life. You will be supported in your planning by Building Material Scout. Using the planning tool and the integrated, intelligent building product platform, you can easily find Cradle to Cradle certified products that meet the requirements of your project:

C2C certified products in the BMS product database

These projects have already been planned and implemented according to the Cradle to Cradle principle with the help of Building Material Scout:

C2C Lab Berlin: The C2C LAB in Berlin is the first refurbishment project worldwide to be realized according to Cradle to Cradle design principles.

Products that comply with the C2C philosophy are labeled with the following product label:

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