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Zeigt das Bauprojekt "OWP 12 in Stuttgart" bei dem der Building Material Scout zum Einsatz kam.

Obere Waldplätze 12 - Stuttgart

The planning and consulting company Drees & Sommer SE is constructing a unique administration building at its headquarters in Stuttgart-Vaihingen that meets all modern requirements for environmental friendliness and digitalization.

The so-called “PlusEnergyHouse” is designed in such a way that more energy is generated during operation than is consumed. A newly developed, highly insulating façade construction, photovoltaic systems on the roof and on the south façade, geothermal energy via geothermal boreholes and a green north façade help to achieve this. The architecture was designed by SCD Architekten Ingenieure GmbH from Stuttgart.

The investment for the four-storey plus-energy building, which will provide new jobs for 200 employees, will amount to around EUR 22 million. The 20 m high and 70 m long new building offers a large conference area, a terrace, a cafeteria and a canteen for up to 1,000 employees on a gross floor area of around 7,000 m².

Digital technologies make construction easier and take the strain off employees

Digital methods such as Building Information Modeling are used for planning and construction. To achieve the sustainability goals of the new building, the building materials used are documented with the help of the Building Material Scout. This saved a lot of time when researching the choice of materials. Delivered products could be checked for approval and the correct certifications with a quick glance at the Building Material Scout.

Thanks to the precise documentation and the cradle-to-cradle design principle applied, the building materials can be recycled in high quality or are completely degradable when the building is demolished at a later date.

You can find out more about building documentation and selecting the right building products here: Building Material Scout – Services for planners, architects, construction companies and building owners

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